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Bravante Farm Capital Project

Project Introduction

Bravante Farm Capital owns commercial agricultural assets in California’s Central California which includes vineyards, wineries, citrus, tree fruit orchards, and large-scale ranch networks with strong water fundamentals.
The Company has great depth in the entire agribusiness chain of acquiring, redeveloping, farming, picking, packing, and selling the commodities in its target market. It currently farms approximately 5,000 acres built mostly from the ground up.
George Bravante personally leads all acquisition activities. Mr. Bravante has spent the last 20 years building a vertically integrated farming business during which the Company has acquired over $175 million in agricultural assets including citrus, table grapes, wine grapes, stone fruitand pistachios.
The Company is consolidating a highly fragmented industry in which there are very few competitors, the market is inefficient and is growing exponentially as demand (population growth) expands yet supply (farmland) declines.
Farm acquisitions focus on farms with good water from farmers who have owned themfor generations. The Company refers to its “Oasis Target Market Area” which is comprised of five water districts; Fresno, Alta, Consolidated, Madera and Kings River.These water districts have access to immense amounts of surface water from the Sierra Nevada mountains and supercharged underwater aquifers.
The target market is in excess of 500,000 acres and most farms have class 1 soil. The area has a superior microclimate for farming its target crops which include citrus, table grapes, contracted wine grapes, pistachios, almonds,and stone fruit.
The current project involves the purchase of the Lopopolo Ranch in Tulare County, California. Lopopolo is 31.7 acres of planted Timco Red table grapes (14.0 acres) and Krissy Red table grapes (17.0 acres). Funds from the EB-5 investment will be used to acquire the land and then clear it after the harvest to plant mandarins in the Spring of 2024. The mandarins will yield a partial crop in 2028, reaching full maturity in 2029.
The Company intends to farm and manage the ranch for approximately 10 years. It is estimated a cash out refinance will take place in 2028 at which time the proceeds will be paid to the investor as repayment of capital.

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